Donald Trump got good reviews for briefly acting like a normal president. He knows what it will take to raise his poll numbers, and he has good reason to believe that his supporters will stick with him not matter what. But he simply cannot stop being divisive.

Hey, Tim: The Browns would be smart to do their diligence on the three time Pro Bowl guard, and I’m sure they will. You can rest assured that GM Andrew Berry will leave no stone unturned in his bid to upgrade the talent on this roster, and Warford could probably be plugged in immediately as the starting right guard. Quite often, these things come down to money right player at the right price.

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Dear Amy: I just want to make a comment about people who tell you they are bored during quarantine. I remember my dear aunt replying to me when I was a teenager when I stated that I was bored. Without looking up from her crossword puzzle, she said, “only boring people are bored.”.

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